Pampas Grass Stem


Introducing this highly sort after dried pampas stem which will last for a very long time, this is a plant that thrives on a little roughing, put in the sun for a couple of days to fluff it up and looking full in all its glory. Perfect for gorgeous wedding backdrops or simple home decor accents, these natural pampas stems will add gorgeous, organic texture to any of your arrangements.

  • Natural Tan
  • 1.8m Tall
  • Fresh on arrival but ideal when dried (approx a week)
  • Our Pampas grass is naturally beautiful, each stem will be unique.
  • gently shake to remove any loose pieces and place in vase by a window to naturally fluff. 
  • Product will shed. Tip: use hairspray to reduce shed.
  • Does not need any additional treatment.

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